Intellectual Properties

We offer Complete Legal and Allied and Support Services (CLASS) in the registration and protection of Trademarks and Copyrights. Our services include, but not limited to:

Pre Application Services

* Advice on brand creation · Availability Search

* Search, investigation and drafting of agreements

* Filing of Applications for registration of Trade Mark/ Copyright

Post Application Services

* Application, Prosecution, Pre and Post-registration

* Opposition procedures

Post Registration Services

*  Registration of Assignments of Trademarks

*  Renewals

*  Trademark Watch

*  Rectification of offending marks

*  Negotiation of sale & purchase of brands

*  Drafting and Vetting of Transfer of Technology, License and Franchise agreements

Protection of Trade Mark/ Copyright

* Enforcement of Trademark / Copyright owners’ rights including

                  Civil remedies against infringement of Trademark and Copyright

                  Civil remedies against Passing off of Trademark

                  Prosecution against falsification and false application of Trademarks and for infringement of                                  copyright

* Investigation,  Anti-counterfeiting action

* Enforcement of Trade Secrets & Know-how

* Domain name related services